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The JB Way

Here at Jervis Bay Physie, our goal is to provide an inclusive environment. 


A supportive club which empowers all ages of young girls through to women, to achieve what they dare to dream whilst encouraging each other throughout their personal journey.


We proudly maintain a balance of fitness and fun, and make lifelong friendships along the way!

What is Physie?

Physical Culture (or physie) is a fantastic sport for girls from 3 years all the way through to 60 and over.  


Our innovative choreography changes annually and is designed for maximum variety and fun.

Our dance syllabus is a combination of:

  • ballet/contemporary

  • aerobic dance

  • standing and floor exercises

  • jazz and hip hop;

  • all rolled into the one class.


Physie is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness, coordination and flexibility. BJP Physie has been established in Australia for 125 years, with some 200 clubs running across the country.

Beginners are always welcome at our classes!


All routines are built upon as the year progresses, culminating in group and individual performances at the end of the year. The performances are a highlight for all girls and ladies, and are a great way to develop confidence, performance skills and teamwork.


Come and try a class today!


Competitions are optional. Throughout the year we participate in two Interclubs as friendly practice competitions with other clubs. At Interclubs, every competitor receives a certificate and a medal.


Every girl is encouraged to be a part of a team. Team competitions are held in November at the Homebush State Sports Centre.


In September and October, individuals can compete in local zone competitions and State and National finals in Sydney. Junior and Ladies State and National finals are held at the Sydney States Sports Centre. Senior National Finals are held at the grand Sydney Opera House and Sydney ICC.

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